Tuesday April 21 Brussels. A sentimental visit.

Written by Jack van Ommen on April 21st, 2015

Yesterday I drove early in the morning from Amsterdam to Bruges where I picked up my Gig Harbor friends Andy and Maggi. It was a perfect warm Spring day. The trees are just starting to bud, the bulbs and flowering fruit trees are in bloom. I showed my friends some of my favorite spots where  we used to live from 1965 until 1970. Tomorrow I will be picking them up in Antwerp and show them some of the sights along the way in Holland on the way back to Amsterdam. While having lunch in Halle, yesterday, the lady in the picture, sat down, as a blonde, two tables away from us. After the third glass of Kriek Lambic, a typical Belgian beer (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kriek_lambic ), this is what happened to her hair. This is NOT photo-shopped.







Yesterday was my oldest granddaughter, Corrine,’s 25th Birthday. So, glad to be able to celebrate with her and her husband Euan. Today I went searching for the apartment we rented in Brussels from 1965 until we moved to a larger home in Ittre, when Rose Marie was born in February 1968. I paid a visit to the St. Pie X church where we went to church in Brussels and where Rose Marie was baptized. Walked by the office I worked in on Ave. Louise and to the Grand Place where the Guildhalls were freshly Gilded.








This evening Corrine and Euan took me on a long hike through the Cinquantenaire to Place Jourdan where the best ever Frites (French Fries) are made. Every Belgian daughter in law has to be able to pass the rigid test on frying frites before she is approved. The surrounding cafés allow you to eat the frites from the stand at their tables.


Corrine and Euan playing quatres mains.

Corrine and Euan playing quatres mains.


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  1. Claude Claeys says:

    HI JACK, I am Claude Claeys. How are you, my dear Jack, such a long time, quite 50 years os silence.. are you still in Amsterdam ?
    Let us get in touch.
    The would be a super great pleasure for us.
    I keep waiting for your news. Best regards,

  2. I am in Amsterdam until May 8, very busy with the remembrances surrounding the 70th anniversary of the WW-II end. Please, check today’s blog. I have sent you a long e-mail with updates. looking forward to know more about your last 50 years and of your family.

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