Sunday 21 June Under Bare Poles

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 21st, 2009

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I just talked to Herb and he told me to slow down even more, which I was able to do, by heading a little more into the wind. Under 2 knots. A few boats are on their way from Bermuda back to New England and have to cross the Gulf Stream in this, where the wind is contrary to the current. My predicament is not as nasty. There are several depressions happening in my region and another one to hit Bermuda later in the week. Wednesday morning arrival would be the best. It is supposed to lighten up some in the morning for me and then, hopefully I can make it by Wednesday evening. But with the number of systems pushing from different directions this can all change again.

Thanks very much for your mails in response to my yesterday “mass” mailing. There are still a few who hit the reply button. That’s a SailMail No-No.


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