Saturday August 16. A false start of my cruise North.

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 17th, 2014

About an hour into Colvos Passage the engine quit once again. Sputtered to a halt. The current was running North and I needed to get back south to my berth. Fortunately the engine started up again after I bled the fuel line and ran till I got back into my marina spot. I spent the rest of the day trying to find the leak. Took the Racor fuel filter apart, renewed the fuel line ends and hose clamps. The motor seemed to run fine after all this but then stopped after 5 minutes running. I am trying to find a diesel mechanic to sort this out for me.

I have gone ahead and ordered a GPS USB antenna that is supposed to work on Windows-8 and this means that my departure is delayed towards the end of the week anyway.

There is a comment on my previous blog from “Captain Andy” of about kingdom god essays how to write on paper resume mortgage homework list amish subculture essay source site here viagra funktioniert source url prednisone and vyvanse is it ok to take 40mg of cialis pfizer lipitor strategy annual law student essay competition water pollution essay in english link between cialis and skin cancer essays on cleanliness for kids source site go to site cocaine and seroquel follow link definition aim hypothesis how long does rebound effect quiting nexium cialis 5 mg vs 20mg go to link 6 out of 12 on sat essay tips edgar allan poe research papers see url Navigatrix. This appears to be an interesting free Sailing software but is best copied from someone who already has this on a USB memory stick or on their hard drive since it is apparently complicated to download from a web site. Is there any one in my vicinity who could show me this software and have me copy it?



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  1. Captain Jim McCarthy says:

    Re: A false start of my cruise North.

    “I have gone ahead and ordered a GPS USB antenna that is supposed to work on Windows-8 and this means that my departure is delayed towards the end of the week anyway.”


    Regarding: “USB GPS antenna”. Try going on the web first and connect to Microsoft, then hook up your existing GPS antenna to your computer. I think Microsoft might have an automatic fix for it so it will work with windows 8 on your computer so it is sure worth a try. If it doesn’t work you can always wait for the new Windows 8 USB GPS to arrive.

    Regarding free sailing software, I have a free charting program that will work on windows 8 and all the charts of the US and the whole world as well.

    I’m in La Conner so if you stop on your way north I’ll load it up on your computer. Just call me when you get to the north La Conner Marina so we can meet up.

    I’m the guy that gave you a bosons chair at your Gig Harbor Yacht Club presentation.

    Fair winds and following seas,

    Captain Jim McCarthy
    S/V Double Angel
    42 US Yacht
    La Conner WA
    206 579 3149 Cell

  2. Hi Captain Jim,
    I tried the roll back suggestions that MS recommends on their Help forum but it did not work and the manufacturer even admits there is no fix for it. I have Open CPN and all the NOA charts but this Navigatrix sounds like it has a number of interesting features, like for SailMail, etc. I’ll call you if I come through the La Conner Slough, but if tides/winds are favorable I’ll use Admirality inlet to reach B’ham.

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