Friday August 15. Off on a sailing trip.

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 15th, 2014

It has been a raining for most of the night but it is supposed to clear but little wind is in the forecast I plan to try make it to Port Townsend, Bellingham Sunday evening and I will be in Vancouver Tuesday,Wednesday possibly longer then cross through the Canadian San Juan islands to the Chemainus area of Vancouver Island. I may go further north and end up in Roche Harbor for the Labor day weekend, then head for home again.

This week did a lot of chores on the boat. Yesterday was winched up the mast, by my dock neighbor John Alskog, to the lower spreaders to install a burgee flag halyard for the Canadian courtesy flag. Put in the harness lines,  so I can get from the cockpit to the bow with the harness clipped on to it. Received my replacement zoom lens, just in time. An EnGenius wi-fi booster also came just in time. The only item I wished I had is a GPS USB antenna. The one I purchased on Amazon from Prolific does not work on Windows 8. It works on my old Acer laptop but the laptop only works when it feels like it. The keyboard and mouse mostly wish to be left undisturbed.  I tried every trick to roll the driver back to Windows 7 on the new lap top, to no avail.

Picture is of last nights dinner, a delicious piece of Salmon, John Alskog’s friend caught on a fishing trip in Alaska. I am being well taken care off.



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  1. capn andy says:

    Ahoy Capn Jack,
    See if any of your buddies up there have used Navigatrix, it’s freely download from the internet and runs from CDROM, can be installed on thumbdrive for netbooks, etc. Doesn’t use windows at all. It will recognize the GPS. I haven’t used windows 8, so not sure how to solve the problem that way.