Thursday June 5th. The Graduates

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 6th, 2014

“Fleetwood” was put back in the water at noon on Wednesday. But 15 minutes after leaving the dock, on my way to Gig Harbor, the engine quit. I managed to get back to the dock by a favorable wind direction. Yesterday I found out the problem. A broken fuel pump. I expect to replace it with an electrical pump Friday morning). But it might be too little time to get to Gig Harbor because it is graduation day for Tyler and Olivia.


Wednesday evening I did my travel presentation at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. It was well attended and well organized. Familiar faces of old friends, some I had not seen for over twenty years. I had brought 15 of my “The Mastmakers’ Daughters” books and I had to take back orders when I ran out.

The weather has been fabulous and is supposed to last through the weekend. This Sunday is the Blessing of the Fleet in Gig Harbor and “Fleetwood” is to get an ample sprinkling of the Holy Water.

This evening was the last performance for the seniors of the Stadium Jazz band and symphonic orchestra. Olivia played her Trombone in both sections. This was a real treat for me. The musical performance of these young men and women  is amazing. I appreciated in particular “Angels in the Architecture” by Frank Ticheli. It uses several known songs from different religions, for example the Hebrew song of peace “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem” and the Geneva psalter chorale “Old Hundreth” better known as “Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow”. 

The standard closing piece for this annual Stadium High school event is “Stars and Stripes” as seen in the below picture. Tomorrow I’ll have graduation pictures for you. And then there will not be any more High School graduations for another 12 years when Mark Leon III my oldest great grandson will graduate.


“Stars and Stripes”

Tyler and Olivia at intermission

Tyler and Olivia at intermission




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