Sunday May 11 Santa Barbara, California

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 11th, 2014

I found my camera memory card wit the wedding pictures. So, go back two posts to May 3rd to see them. In case any one wishes to see more of the wedding I have posted 65 pictures at

I stopped to see my long time friend Brenda in Toluca Lake, near Hollywood. Her sister Cindy is visiting from Idaho. Can you believe that these two Arcadian Belles were born a combined 150 years ago in Pascalouga, Lousiana? ┬áBrenda promised me that she will marry me when I make my second million from the sale of “Soloman”, so be sure to put in your orders.

L.R.: Cindy and Brenda

L.R.: Cindy and Brenda

I am off to 11 a.m. mass at the Santa Barbara Mission and I am taking my camera, as usual. So be sure to check in to see the interior of this Franciscan monument built in 1786.


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