Wednesday April 16. An early resurrection.

Written by Jack van Ommen on April 17th, 2014

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So, I am pleased. For the price I paid I could not have found a similar quality replacement on the Atlantic coast. I am totally sold on the chined plywood construction. I know this boat inside out. I checked into shipping the boat to Thunder Bay on lake Ontario from here. I would have loved to sail the Great Lakes and visit a number of Canadian friends I met along the way and then descend the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. But the cost is out of the question. I plan to get the boat ready to sail south from here to the Panama Canal this summer  and from there pick up where I left off in 2007 in the Eastern Caribbean and then spend time in Cartagena to land travel the South American Pacific Coast.

Here is a picture of her back in 1990 together with “Fleetwood”:

Mariah on left Fleetwood center

Mariah on left Fleetwood center


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  1. Thanks Matthias, I will double check the canal fees I seem to remember that is under $ 1,000 The cheapest I found so far from here to Great Lakes is $ 7,000 which I do not expect to have saved up by the summer.

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