Sunday February 16th Another full moon

Written by Jack van Ommen on February 16th, 2014

It is three moons since the full moon on November 16, when I lost my home on Tagomago. I came across the below photo of the same yellow foul weather pants which Hamid wears in the more recent picture. They were seldom worn since I have a bad record on hanging on to my female crew. Lisa, my oldest daughter, with two of her classmates who had all just graduated from Bellarmine Prep school in Tacoma helped me bring “Fleetwood” back from Hawaii, in 1982. Hamid and Moss recovered the red and yellow pants on shore near the shipwreck. I reported last Sunday that I was to sing with the Augustinus church choir this morning. Of the usual 6 to 8 tenors, there were just three of us. I only managed to attend the one rehearsal, last Wednesday evening, which left me somewhat lacking for the Missa Pontificalis of Lorenzo Perosi. This was brand new to me. O, Salutaris Hostia from Edward Elgar and a few others were more familiar. But as always, singing is my passion and it was a real treat to be able to sing with this choir which is superbly directed. Father Ambro Bakker made a pitch for the slide show I will give tomorrow evening for the choir members and any parishioners. Richard, the choir’s presider, distributed a flyer of the program.


This morning’s moonset. Hint : a new tripod?

I added a couple photos of the reed roof that is being redone for the home across the street where I live for now. DSC_0004 DSC_0002

R-L: Jamid with Lisa's 1976 foul weather pants, Angeles, Moss with Ce Ce's gear

R-L: Jamid with Lisa’s 1976 foul weather pants, Angeles, Moss with Ce Ce’s gear

Scanned Photo-13_edited-1

Lisa in 1982 on way back from Hawaii


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