Monday January 27th.Under a Deadline

Written by Jack van Ommen on January 27th, 2014

I promised you in my last week’s “Where is jack?” mailing that I’d let you know what was in store for me on May 3rd. I found out yesterday. My oldest son, John, is getting married to Jennifer Bondurant in Yucaipa, California. They met when they were still in college. Jennifer has family roots in the Netherlands and the French connection, so, what more could I ask for? I’d nearly given up hope, John will turn 43 this year. Now I have one more son to go and he’d better hurry up because his grandnephew just turned 6……

In my previous blog I asked for suggestions from you for a title for my current writing project. T0day I found out that I have till Feb 7 to have a title and a cover for the book if I wish to place an add in the April “Zeilen” issue, in which my article will be published about “Fleetwood” ‘s shipwreck. I nixed the “Come to Sea” and “Kom naar Zee”. Help, help!

I had a wonderful weekend visit with my cruising friends the Boonzaaijers of “Yo Soy” and their community the “Bondgenoten” in Barneveld. Another couple we mutually befriended in the South Pacific in 2005 also joined us, Sjef en Ermi of the “Vierde Dimensie”. I showed slides of the journey on Saturday evening and my #1 sales agent Maria B. twisted 6 customers from the audience for “De Mastmakersdochters”. Stephan B. led the church service on Sunday morning.

Here are a few pictures of my buddies here in Eck en Wiel. The two cats. The red tomcat “Mickey” and his lady friend. They like to jump on the table and tiptoe over the laptop’s keyboard.


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