Tuesday November 12. Looks like a Go.

Written by Jack van Ommen on November 12th, 2013

It howled all day yesterday and then about midnight the wind suddenly died. It has come up again and there will be stronger winds this afternoon. On Thursday it is supposed to start howling again but by then I should be in a calmer area near Ibiza.

I still have no way to communicate on SailMail. And expect to sort out my AIS to the laptop/tablet in Ibiza. But I do have the AIS on the VHF working.

It is cold but sunny. There will be a half moon and getting close to full moon when I get to Ibiza. I plucked the below mussels for lunch from the seawall, off the boat. (There is nothing wrong with your eyes, I squeezed my wok to an oval to fit next to the rice pan on my two burner stove)

Entonces, hasta la proxima detinacion, Espana. The fiftieth country by “Fleetwood”……


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