Tuesday, October 29 Progress

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 29th, 2013

Marc, the Quebecois on “Vlimeux” joined me here, yesterday, in Port Camargue. He took a bunch of pictures of me on the Rhone when we left there a week ago, today. It is s rare opportunity to have someone to take good pictures of me underway. I am sitting in mosquito ally in the park at the chamber of commerce. I just picked a supply of Boletus mushrooms, I hope Marc is brave enough to have them for dinner tonight. It has cooled off some but still very pleasant. The French N.W. coast was battered by very high winds yesterday and a good part of the area is still without power today. I hope to receive my multiplexer tomorrow. I still have to bend the mainsail on the boom and a few other minor items and I figure I’ll leave on Thursday of Friday morning for Ibiza. It is €75 moorage here for 5 days or a week, from last Friday.


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