Monday October 21, Avignon

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 21st, 2013

Last night I went to mass at the Chapel de St. Louis, A small old church with around a 250 seats which were 75% filled. And it was encouraging to see that the avergae age was far below what I have been getting used to in Europe. Most were young adults and even though it was an evening service there were also a number of children. The priest was a Spaniard and not always too easy to follow. A young lady with guitar led the singing which was also well participated.

Took  a shower, did a load of laundry and hung it on the life lines. It was a summer day. I am in just a T-shirt again. I finally managed to get Googlewebshop to accept my payment details and I downloaded the app for the Navionics charts on my new Samsung tablet. Looks like a great way to navigate. I bought a cover for it and gagged at the price about $ 75….  I am slowly growing into using more of the tablet functions. One of these days I’ll not be dragging my laptop any longer to the wi-fi locations on my route. My cousin Adri and her husband Gert came to visit me this afternoon. A nivce break for me to see family this far down the Rhone. They are with their RV about 40 k.m. away from here and on their way to Lyon tomorrow. Adri is the oldest daughter of my mother’s youngest sister, Rientje, Rientje is the one who wrote the two beautiful poems in “The Mastmakers’ Daughters”.

I expect to be in the marina in Frontignan by Thursday. The problem is that I cannot find a mailing address for the Amiral Nautic Club anywhere and my e-mails to them are not being answered. And I need to have a few essentials sent to me there. So, I may need to find another location to step the mast.

Is there a Doctor in the House?     I have a pain in the left upper part of my stomach, just under the rib cage and less pain stretches up towards my left arm pit, which feels just like I have a bruised rib. It is not very noticeable when I am standing. It is most noticeable at night laying down and I can now only lay flat on my back, for a while I could sleep on the left (yes left) side but it hurt when I tried the right side. Self-checking, pressing the area does not seem to cause any discomfort.  I have had some problems with my digestive tracts that I had checked the last time I visited the US. I have no insurance here. I checked the internet and dismissed kidney problems from the symptom descriptions. I do not feel sick or nauseated, just a discomfort.



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