Tuesday August 13. The Long and Short of it.

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 13th, 2013

“Fleetwood” floated again, but just for a day. She was relaunched on Monday and then I moved her nearby to the WSV “Amsterdam” where she is now hanging in the travellift. It turned out that the yard where I was at could not raise the boat high enough for me to get under the keel to repair the damage to the cast iron keel. She hit the gravel and rocks in the French rivers on several occasions because of the low water level. I should be back in the water by Thursday. I have just sent out the occasional “Where is Jack” mail to a number of friends and relatives. I expect to be on my way in the first week of September.

I am looking forward to the sail and getting a chance to relax after all the long hours spent removing the deck, sanding and epoxy work. I have developed a nasty rash on my hands and arms, probably from the epoxy. But it had it’s pleasure as well. I enjoyed the early morning bike ride to and from my lodging with my friend Ernie de Boer. I made a few new friends of other sailors working on their boats.  I am giving a farewell party on Saturday August 31st at the Yacht Club here. My granddaughter, Corrine, and her brand new husband, Euan, will be there as well. They leave for Seattle the next morning. I sent out invitations to my Dutch friends and relatives. If you happen to be in Amsterdam on the 31st, let me know and I will send you the directions.


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