Tuesday January 29. A great big thanks!

Written by Jack van Ommen on January 29th, 2013
Many of you responded to my announcement on the availability of “The Mastmakers’ Daughters”. Thank you very much. The Dutch sales reports from the publisher shows the reader’s names. But Create Space/Amazon only shows numbers. So, it will be difficult to respond individually or start an  “I do care where Jack is” list.

I want to make a plug for a project that I believe in and I still get occasional requests if the kit for my boat is still available. My NAJA came as a kit in a container from Whisstocks Boat yard in Woodbridge England. Very few 30 foot plywood designs could ever claim the distances “Fleetwood” has taken me in comfort and sailing pleasure. Much of the credit goes to Sylvestre Langevin the French naval architect. But also to George Whisstock who worked out the construction details. His instructions were so thorough that if you were done with the kit construction you had also completed a course in wood boat building. I still consult the manual regularly when a particular system needs maintenance. George Whisstock moved to Rockland, Maine and has been consulting and providing boat plans for the amateur boat builder. And he has come up with a new system to have the parts made up at your nearby CNC (Computer Numerical Control) shop. This is ideally suited to plywood construction and saves many hours compared to the traditional cutting methods and transportation. Check it out at :http://www.indiegogo.com/easybuild


one of the examples

I plan to make a nostalgic trip up the Deben River to Woodbridge this June. The last time I sailed on the Deben it was with George Whisstock, in the spring of 1980 on their NAJA prototype.

That was the same year Holland got their new Queen Beatrix. Last night she announced her abdication and on April 30 Holland will have a new King. His great grandmother, Wilhelmina and grandmother Juliana were my queens before I pledged allegiance to the Stars and Stripes. Beatrix is 11 months newer than yours truly was launched, this Thursday is her 75th birthday.


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