Tuesday Aug 21 onward to Lyon

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 20th, 2012

Since I have not heard back from other than Klaus and Florence in Bretagne I will postpone visiting the French friends for another time, from Amsterdam. This marina would have been a good place to leave the boat for a week or so. I am waiting to hear from my Canadian friend for possible company on the trip north to decide on stopping in Paris or to head for the Meuse through Belgium.

From Lyon onwards I will be on the Saone for over 350 KM with 24 locks, of which 15 in the last 99 km. This will be a much slower passage than from the Med to Lyon but there is much more to see along the way. After that I take the canal des Vosges and after that I would chose between continuing north on the canal de l’est or make a left turn to Paris.


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