May 31 The Delphi Oracle

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 31st, 2012

I am moored in Itea, a 15 minute bus ride to the ruins of Delphi, where I plan to be tomorrow. When I left Chios in late April I crossed the 38th parallel, today I crossed it northward again. And I am now on the Adriatic side of Greece after passing through the Corinth Canal early this morning. You kind of hold your breath that the engine will not quit in the middle or have a claustrophobia attack.. There is no place to tie up to, just these high rock walls. As high as 285 feet. And I had to run the engine at full throttle to try and keep up with the tanker ahead of me.

I left Zea Marina yesterday morning and anchored near the canal entrance at dinner time. Yesterday there was quite a bit of wind, mostly dead on the nose, but I managed to motor sail some. Today there was little wind but the surface was rough and bumpy. The Gulf of Patras is an interesting landscape. I decided to skip visiting ancient Corinth and chose to see Delphi.

Itea is not particularly attractive and the marina is a bit of a desolate place.



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