Sunday May 27 Athens

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 27th, 2012

I arrived by 11 a.m. in the Zea Marina near Athens. It took me a good half hour and my Spanish neighbor’s help to get untangled from his anchor line and I lost my boat hook, it became permanently stuck in his chain. One more item for the shopping list. This is a fancy marina with lots of Mega bucks yachts. A beer in the marina pub is 5 Euro ($7.00) and that is what it took to get wi-fi. The cheap life in the islands ends here, for now. I did end up having to may moorage after all on Aegina. $5 per day. Here it is $21 Euro nearl $ 30.00 but no hassle with anchors. I went into town and had dinner near the Acropolis and then went to 7 p.m. mass at the Cathedral. It was first communion Sunday. The majority of the English speaking congregation here is Filipino. The choir was Filipino only. My favorite Asian people. My starboard church pew sister was Rosie and when I told her that I planned to stay in Cartagena for a year or so she turned out to be a Cartagenian and we have a date in 2014 in Cartagena, Colombia. She works here as a Spanish/English tour guide. It rained this afternoon and I am sucking in the great smells of Eucalyptus, good California years memories.

I have a favor to ask: This morning I received sad news from a very good friend, Bonnie, who I have known since 1986.  She has been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Would you, please, also ask for her healing in your prayers? She believes in the power of it and has done this for me when I asked her and you for it on earlier occasions. Back in 2006, you might remember, I asked this for a friend’s daughter who was struck with leukemia. And the year long treatment was a total success.

I hope that the package from Florida will arrive in the next days.




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