Tuesday May 22nd. Still In Poros

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 22nd, 2012

After nearly a week of clouds and overcast and relatively cool weather summer has returned.

I took the ferry across to the mainland, the Pelopponisian peninsula, to Galata. I checked to see if this is were the Galatian Christians lived. But that apparently was in Anatolia, Turkey. Not much to see or do in Galata. I have been finishing my trim varnish and enjoying the translating of father Huysmans imprisonment in China memoirs.

I met Timo and Karin and have enjoyed their company on different occasions. He is a Finish Canadian. He built this ice breaker like steel boat him self in Campbell River, B.C. and sailed though the South Pacific, Indonesia where he met Karin on Bali. He is an industrial electrician and worked as a contractor for the former Timber West saw mill in Campbell River. They arrived here via the Red Sea.

Tonight the NW wind is supposed to get a little stronger and I may be in for some action. This afternoon some clown managed to drive over my anchor line and then my neighbor on starboard and then the one to port. A short skinny legged Frenchman, who must have bought his driver license at the “Carrefour”. He had absolutely no control over his(?) boat, wildly spinning his wheel, and at uncontrollable speed. I and the skipper of the boat next to me told him that there was no way that he would fit in the spot next to me and that there were lots of places elsewhere. But he just did not want to back off. I first wanted to just get out from being next to him. But since he is on my down wind side he will start drifting into the boat on the other side. His anchor is not set properly. A total jerk and I feel sorry for the about 6 people he has aboard who probably no even less and are at his mercy. Then he had the Gall(ic) to tell me that I was taking up three mooring spots! This is the very first French boater I have ever had a problem with. I will check my anchor line in the morning, if there is any damage to it I will make the little jerk pay for it.






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