May 1st Mug Race party at GCSM

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 1st, 2009



The annual MUG RACE send off party was held yesterday evening here at the marina. The race is supposed to be the longest sailboat race on a river.  A great barbecue dinner and good entertainment. I did a few dances with the ladies here. I took pictures of the event and of a lot of the guests and posted it at : MUG RACE 2009  

I have also dusted off the photo show of last year’s party and posted it at : MUG RACE 2008 and will keep it there for a while. If any one wants to be mailed copies. Let me know. I apologize if I misspelled any one’s names.

I started sanding on the bottom and broke the grinder. This has cost me a day of running around for repairs.


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