May 9 Loutro, Crete. Paradise discovered

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 8th, 2012

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houses.  Loutro and many of the villages here on the southern Crete coast have no road access. Just by water to the few larger towns with road access.
The major habitation is on the north coast and one needs to cross the high snow capped mountain range that runs lengthwise from W to E.  I came here because of the description of this unusual spot given to me at my nephew’s birthday, last March, by Lydwien a friend of Fransje, Dirk Jan’s partner.
And when I started reading up on the area and Crete in general I had to come see it. Lydwien has been coming here for quite a few years. Because access is challenging it makes for a perfect peaceful get a away. There are great hikes to be made to nearby villages, a famous “Sweet Water Beach” with waterfalls, Samaria Gorge, etc. The water is crystal clear. I can see my anchor clearly.  I was able to get a hot shower in Lydwien’s hotel. Today we are going for a hike. I am waiting to get to shore to check the weather forecast to make my plans for the next days. But I will most likely  sail back to a marina about 20 miles to the West and leave the boat there and try get to Iraklio, the capital city and check out the very interesting archeological museum to see the Minoan period collection.



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