Sunday April 22 Weekend in Athens

Written by Jack van Ommen on April 22nd, 2012

Friday I finished sanding the boat bottom. It took most of two days. Last year, in Zimnicea, it took me about two weeks. This time, for the first haul out that I can remember, I did not have to expoxy resculpture the usual damage to the keel. Just a light sanding. I start bottom painting tomorrow and should be back in the water by the end of the week.

A lady friend from New York, who I met through the connection with the “Groote Beer”, and her brother Arnold are visiting Athens for a few days. They both knew the very first American owner of the “G.B.”. Their mother lived in Athens for 40 years and they both know the country well. They showed me some of the sites on a perfect spring day. I take the night ferry back to Chios tonight. I have a berth in a 4 person cabin. No more agony among the chain smokers on the deck. There are no church pictures. I tried hard enough to get to a mass service but without a sextant or GPS I am a total failure. I walked in circles for miles. St. Dynosious church and Google maps have a difference of opinion on its location or it must have ascended into heaven and a grafitti plastered building descended in its place. I’ll make it up, I promise.



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