Sunday March 25 In Amsterdam

Written by Jack van Ommen on March 25th, 2012

Western Europe changed to day light saving time this morning. My cousin Carol’s wife, Tineke, had peaked my curiosity in describing her church community on earlier visits.  Losing an hour, it was still cold early in the morning when I borrowed my cousin’s bicycle to ride to the train station to catch the train to Amsterdam.

The 125 year old St.Domenicus church building was used as a R.C. church till the seventies and is now the home of an ecumenical community, many of them former members of the R.C. parish. In Amsterdam, as most know, you can run into the strangest forms of expressions and forms of entertainment but it still startled me when I walked out of the church and see a prostitue setting up her display in less than Victoria’s Secrets in her window facing the church.

The below picture shows the location, my grandfather, the Mastmaker, moved his business to in 1928 and where my cousin still lives as the 6th generation mastmaker and shipchandler.


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