Saturday March 16. Holland

Written by Jack van Ommen on March 17th, 2012

I am getting over the jet lag. Yesterday were the birthdays for my oldest nephew and youngest (and also my oldest) brother in law.

Herman 87th and Dirk Jan’s 54th birthdays

As of this morning I have a Dutch cell phone number again, my old number : 0031-0639884848

Now I can start making my appointments for the stay in Holland till April 11. I had left my cell phone on the boat in Greece, last November. When I tried to get a replacement the T-Mobile shop in Amsterdam told me that it was impossible without having the SIM card for my number. But this morning at a T-Mobile shop in Haarlem it posed no problem at all.

The crocusses are just starting to show up but the Tulip fields are still bare.

My appeal on this blog for assistance in editing “The Mastmakers Daughters” and the “De Mastmakers Dochters” was a success. I really appreciate the help. Both manuscripts were split into 6 sections and are being worked on at both sides of the Atlantic.



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