GCSM April 28 “Fleetwood” is off the road again and on the hard

Written by Jack van Ommen on April 28th, 2009

The under the water line looks good. I had feared that the hard hit I took on St.Nicholas eve that slammed me into the bulkhead and bruised ribs might have strained the hull. Not so. But it looks like I’ll have to swallow my vain phobia for a clear finish and paint the hull. After managing to keep it clear for thirty years.

My next door neigbors are Bob and Gail from San Diego on ” Tullum III”. They remember me from Simons Town S.A. in 2007. But I did not recognize them. They described Christian and Mireille of “Memmestra” and George of “Ierges” in perfect detail. (Vin Rouge….)  I know they stayed longer than I did. Luis and Ramona, do you remember them? Am I suffering of amnesia? We three agreed that the Caribbean just does not hold a candle to the Pacific and Westward. If the Panama Canal would not be such a hassle for me I’d be going back in a heart beat. By the time I get back from Europe in 2011 the N.W.Passage will be ice free.


Sunrise in Green Cove Springs Marina on the St.John’s River


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  1. Beste Jack,

    Wat een schitterend idee om een blog er op na te houden. Zeker Lisa zal ondervinden dat haar leven een ietsje gemakkelijker geworden is. Bedankt Lisa voor al het werk gedaan voor je vader. Je hebt ons een lange tijd op de hoogte gebracht van je vader zijn avonturen. Neem er nu maar een wel verdiende vakantie van.
    Jack, ik wens je succes met het werk aan Fleetwood. Ik zal gebruik maken van deze blog om in contact te blijven. Op 20 mei gaan Vonnie en ik voor 6 weken naar Nederland.
    God bless, my friend. Hans Vanderwerff

  2. Henny Haars -de Ruyter says:

    Have immensely enjoyed the Traveling
    duo Jack and “Fleetwood”
    Thanks go to Lisa for keeping everyone informed.
    Thanks go to Jack for teaching us a lot about how the other half of the world lives and all the great pics which showed us how beautiful the world really is.
    Hope to stay on the list.
    Greetings Henny

  3. Martha says:

    Hi Jack,

    Thank you so much for keeping me on your list. I do enjoy reading your adventures and I will definitely try to meet you in Bolivia in 1912!. Tks for your B-day greetings. Take care and keep having fun. Martha