Ash Wednesday Feb 22nd. North West Passage??? Maybe….

Written by Jack van Ommen on February 22nd, 2012

I wonder how many of you have heard about this incredible voyage of Matt Rutherford.  A friend sent me a recent  Washington Post article about it.  That is the first I ever saw of it.  Non stop, 10 months, solo around the entire American continent on a 27 foot tupper ware Albin Vega;  through the N.W. Passage and around the Horn…..  To me this out does any circumnavigation done by anyone, ever,  till now.  He is due into Annapolis in April, with a little luck looks to me it will be March from his current position off the Brazilian coast. You must read his blog. He has a wonderful sense of humor and ingenuity and skill in facing his many challenges.

It is exactly seven years ago that I left Gig Harbor. It was the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, on February 11, 2005. If I ever wish to claim having finished my circumnavigation I need to cross my track somewhere in the Northern Pacific. I have no great desire to pass through the Panama Canal and beat my way up North against the wind and current. But if I wait long enough, I have said jokingly, the global warming will make it possible to go through the N.W. passage. I have another 5 years to do this “around the world before eighty years”. And now this guy has done it…. Maybe? 

It has warmed up into the low seventies here. I rode the bike to my optometrist appointment, against a stiff breeze and later to Ash Wednesday services in Portsmouth.

My two great granddaughters were visiting here yesterday. They are precious. Madison will be three in March and Lily is 15 months. I inherited my looks from my great grand children….






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  1. Maybe you should not concentrate too much on completing the circumnavigation and just visit the places you really want to see. You are a great sailor to me anyway.

  2. jackvanommen says:

    Thanks, Matthias. I agree. And after reading the blogs on the N.W. Passage I have decided that is not my idea of having a good time.