Wednesday Feb 8. In California

Written by Jack van Ommen on February 8th, 2012

Said my goodbyes in the Northwest and flew to Burbank yesterday. I am visiting with Brenda my long time friend. Saturday I fly to Virgina to visit a month with daughter #3 and family. I had a wonderful three month on the West Coast, with family and regular friends, making new friends and accidentally rediscovering earlier friendships.

Going through security at SeaTac was a new experience. I have never had to remove kleenex from my coat pockets. The next time they will probably have you deposit everything you wear on the scanning line and hand you a dressing gown and a bar of soap.

I have put Proofing Copies of the “The Mastmakers Daughters” and “De Mastmakers Dochters” in the index at item 97). It is pass word protected and I have a few writer friends going over it. I can use all the help I can get, in case any one else has experience in writing and publishing. It is a 185 page word format story about our mother’s life. She wrote her memoires from early childhood till marriage. Her father was the 4th generation of a 200 year family mastmakers tradition. Growing up above the mastmaker shop in de Lemmer a small seaport on the (then) Zuiderzee, before running water, electricity, women’s suffrage. And a contrasting story of the other Mastmakers Daughter, her cousin by the identical name, growing up in the mastmaker’s family of my mother’s uncle in Holtenau Germany.  Mother ends up in the resistance during the Second World  War and is liberated at the war’s end by the Americans in Dachau and her cousin joined the NAZI party. It is a historical document through all the details I discovered around mother’s resistance activities, that she herself has most likely never known. I wrote it for myself and children but also to fulfill a wish she had to share with a larger audience her gratitude for the strength she received from her Faith all through her life and in particular in her imprisonment. 


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