Wednesday January 18. A record snow fall

Written by Jack van Ommen on January 19th, 2012

The drive down to Portland was uneventful, the roads were snow free. It started snowing late Monday afternoon in Portland. I had a very nice visit with George and Marsha who have an association with and interest in the history of the “Groote Beer” The G.B. was donated back in 1958 to the St. Elizabeth church in Portland. My new friends live right behind the church. Their neighbor, Gail, who had her 93rd yesterday, sailed on the G.B. in that period. All three are members of the church.

I stayed with my youngest son, Seth, in Portland and got a scenic tour, following George on a short cut, on a snow covered road snaking through the surrounding hills. Tuesday morning the snow had turned to rain. I had a very nice stay with my Dutch American friend Evert and his wife Judy in Eugene. On the way back to Tacoma I ran into a mess on I-5, I had not expected. It started snowing, on this stretch, this morning and stopped in the early afternoon and by then it had dropped over 20 inches, 50 cms, near Olympia. The problem started just south of Chehalis and the worst was between Centralia and Olympia. It took me 3 1/2 hours from Vancouver, Wn. to get to Rose Marie in Federal Way; normally that takes less than 2 hours. The snow was melting but the roads had not been plowed and it was a giant wash board. The suspension took a heck of a beating. Glad it was a rental car and not mine…  

On my previous blog I posted a link to a story about the consequences we may be seduced into through untested rhetoric about the intentions of Iran. This is a powder keg that could be lit by a provocation like the U.S. orchestrated with the Golf of Tonkin Incident, Nazi Germany did with the Reichstag Fire,  Operation Ajax, 1953 in Iran a false-flag attack carried out by the CIA and the British MI6. Please, read it carefully and act if you agree. I have communicated this to my elected representatives.




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  1. Pete says:

    Jack, Probably not a good idea to introduce politics into your otherwise delightlful blog. Our country is divided pretty much right down the middle, into two diametrically opposed factions, and your references will no doubt alienate 1/2 or more. For the record, i do not agree with anything that this person writes about this subject.

  2. jackvanommen says:

    I value your point of view and our friendship. I just hope that I’ll never have to write here: “Remember, I told you so”.