Thursday December 1st. On a clear day.

Written by Jack van Ommen on December 2nd, 2011

The view is breathtaking. It dropped below freezing during the night. It took a while for the fog over the valley to clear. But the cap over Mount Rainier fore spells that the mountain will soon disappear behind the usual cloud cover.

I bought my tickets to fly to Burbank, California on February 7th and to Richmond, Virginia on February 11th. I’ll be visiting with my long time friend Brenda in California and then spend a month in Virginia before returning to Amsterdam.

Last Tuesday I visited Zdenka Wydra, the widow of my friend Roman who passed away at age 97 in April 2010. You might recall that he hung on till the last days before I was scheduled to fly back to Amsterdam. She seems determined to take over the bet I had with Roman that we would make it to a 100. She’ll be 97 next month. Hang in there Zdenka! She is from Croatia and I got the details on making a pilgrimage to her sea side home town there on “Fleetwood”, this summer.

Since I cannot take pictures of churches while I am working, minimum wage, in the choir, you’ll have to put up with Mount Rainier, where I am sitting here in a front row seat.




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