Friday, Nov 25 Thanksgiving Dinner

Written by Jack van Ommen on November 26th, 2011

This was the largest turkey I have ever seen, a little over 10 k.g. (23 lbs). But with 16 people there is not much left over. To me this is the most memorable family celebration of the year. I have many reasons for gratitude and it is was a real blessing to share this with most of my children and grand children.

My oldest granddaughter, Corrine, 21, brought two Italian student friends of hers with her. Their first Thanksgiving dinner experience. The other 14 were all family or family of partners of my daughters. Missing were the 3 generations of the Virginians.

Thursday I attended the Thanksgiving mass at St. Martin of Tours church, just down the hill from where I am staying in Fife with Harry and Lisa. Father Garry Weisenberger is the pastor at this church and I know him from the time he was our priest in Gig Harbor. His mother’s, born Lucille Jellesma,  roots are in Sint Nicholaasga in Friesland just a bare 10 miles from where my mother was born in Heeg.

Sunday, the parishioners at Saint Nicholas church, my long time parish in Gig Harbor, will be in for a new version of  “Jesus Joy of Men’s Desiring” . I will be the only male voice in the choir. I have sung for many years in choirs but I have never learned to read music. But at least, this time I will not be out of step with any other tenors/bases.   “Jesus Joy of Men’s Desiring” was one of my father’s favorites and was played at his funeral in 1956.





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