Monday Oct 24 Back on Khios

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 24th, 2011

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Tomorrow I go to be put on the hard for the winter in Langhada. It will be a nasty slog to get there against the strong Northerly from here. But I am prepared because I had a good taste of it this afternoon and crossing from Samos, yesterday. The waves and swell get to be really nasty here. If anybody has mastered what the Mediterranean can throw at them the rest of the oceans will be a piece of cake. Trust me. And by this statement I am making my reservations as to how much time I want to spend in the Med’s abuse…. I love the rich history of the Mediterranean and want to visit more of the places that shaped the Western religions and Democracies but a light boat like mine  is challenged with the fluky winds and choppy steep waves. Today I was constantly adjusting the wind vane to the wind changes through the many corridors of the valleys and passages between the islands.

Last night I anchored in a wonderful cove on the Turkish coast in Kirkdilm Bay at 38.08.700 N 26.33.900 E I was the only warm blooded creature in the 40 mile radius. I think. I fried up a pound of frozen chicken wings I purchased in Pythagoria. And nibbled on the cold left overs this evening with my Ouzo aperitif. So, if I make no sense in this blog, blame the chicken w

My Greek God neighbor just came in with some Calamari he caught. Life is good…





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