Tuesday August 23rd. Plans

Written by Jack van Ommen on August 23rd, 2011

The old spare fixed propeller has been mounted on the shaft and the shaft was checked for straightness and it passed. I filled the scratches and electrolysis cavities with epoxy. Tomorrow she goes back in and then I plan to leave here on Thursday.

I plan to make one more stop in Bulgaria at Sozopol before heading for the Bosporus. That is just a 20 mile run across Burgas Bay. Inga and Wolfgang of “Stella Maris” talked me into it and they will head the same way. They arrived this afternoon from Varna.  I cooked dinner for the three of us. These two have seen more of the world than any one I have ever met before. They were in Iraq in the late seventies, China in 1981 when it just opened up, etc. etc. They rented a car last week to travel up to Romanian Transylvania.

I got a haircut, did laundry. Talked to Gerrit for an hour or so on Skype.


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