Tuesday,July 19. The view at the top.

Written by Jack van Ommen on July 19th, 2011

My groins still hurt. I wonder when my age will disqualify me for going up this long stick. Boiko and his brother did a great job cranking me up. At least I am back to my cruising weight and condition. Nice to be in a marina in the middle of nowhere on the Danube and have a marina manager who also happens to be a sailor and has built his own sail boats.

The Danube level went down a foot and a half since yesterday. It is going to be dicey getting out of here. I am having a cool draft beer in the shade of the park, it is 4 p.m. It is still in the nineties. I am going to do some provisioning now and then take off in the morning. The next couple of nights I will most likely be at anchor and no internet access.

I can’t wait to turn the engine off and slide down the current under sail. With my luck there will be wind and a reach.

Boiko took a look at my stuffing box and he suggested that I needed to add one more piece of packing. Which I did. I’ll find out tomorrow if that was of any help.

I am back from my provisioning. The folding bike was barely able to bring it in. Nice supermarkets, Kaufmarkt and Carrefour. The Danube has gone down another 6 inches today. Dicey. But at least I should clear all the remaining bridges.

Monday's sunset



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