Friday July 8. A couple hiccups

Written by Jack van Ommen on July 8th, 2011

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Some Dutch moron must have figured out the engine control that I am stuck with. It is extremely difficult to adjust. And I have to do this in the cramped quarter berth quarters, in the 80 degree heat. I’ll get back at it in the cooler early morning. The second challenge is trying to figure out what is blocking the fuel. The engine started on a split second but then died. This engine does not need to be bled for air blockage. But since it did not work I opened the different connectiuons to the injectors any way. They were getting fuel. Tomorrow I’ll take the injectors out and try see if they spray outside of the block. I had drained the sediments from the Racor filter, turned the tank valve on.

I have invited a number of the men and women who have generously assisted me for a go away drink at the terrace of the hotel here at 5.m. tomorrow.

At mid morning I had to come into town to collect the engine controls package from Holland. I did some provisioning for the trip and then had a beer and a Greek salad on the terrace. Then I realized, sitting there, how much I like this country and that I am leaving Zimnicea with some sadness. It was getting warm but quite pleasant in the shade of the Golden Brau beer parasols. Looking over the planter boxed filled with pansies and orange and red flowers I do not know the names of, vines of morning glories, gorgeous women and girls passing by. The table next to me were three men who apparently have a profession, politicians, maffiosi?, that allows them to sit and chat during the working hours, pack of Marlborro’s and their BMW key rings on the table.

I have always wanted to see the engine rooms of these monstrous push boats. Below is what I saw this afternoon.  This one had two 1700 each horsepower Catterpillars that were installed by van Stigt in Groningen. Note the way that some of the motorized barges are pushed back asswards. I assume that this is done to add steering power. Can you imagine standing in the wheel house facing the stern?



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