Wednesday April 22

Written by Jack van Ommen on April 22nd, 2009

Miss Crystal told me this morning that she has me lined up to go on the hard on Tuesday. I have ordered my supplies from Fisheries. I rode the klapfiets to my favorite grocery store. It has been closed. The next one is twice the distance and twice the price. The Mexican restaurant across the road from the Marina has gone South. Will the last Mexican, por favor,  turn the lights off.  Since I do not have a car anylonger or Howard to drive me to mass to the new church, I plan to go to mass within “klapfiets” distance at the old church where my Mexican hermanos y hermanas worship, if they and the padre have not packed up as well. I am trying to get as much fixed on the boat while still in the water. But may end up overindulging on the new blog.


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  1. Seth van Ommen says:

    Wow Dad! Your new site looks amazing! You have put together a really slick looking blog in no time at all. I love the main banner image.

  2. Ronald K. Seiler says:

    I’m heading back to Detroit in the morning, call if you need any assistance. – God Bless, Ron