Oct 31. Finally a real Sunday

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 31st, 2010

Two months and two days since my last opportunity to share holy communion in Bratislava. This morning there was actually the host distributed at the mass in the church of The Holy Trinity in Svishtov. I still did not understand much of the whole service but seldom has a piece of bread satisfied me as much. The church was built in 1867 and has a beautiful Iconostastis. See picture. There were two ladies doing the liturgy chants and just one priest and about 10 people attending mass….

It dropped again under freezing. I did not realize that Bulgaria is an hour behind Romania and I was trying to find a cup of coffee at before 6 a.m. I love the smell of the wood stove smoke. Reminds me of the skiing in Austria in the sixties. There was a very busy market going on. I could not believe the enormous sizes of the cabbages, leeks, butternut squash, etc. Well it’s time to head back to the boat. I wished I could stay here a couple more days and feel like a human being.


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