October 9 I have crossed the Rubicon on the Danube

Written by Jack van Ommen on October 9th, 2010

But I will be in the poor house for a while. The Sole Mini 17 has been purchased and I was just told that it should be on it’s way on Monday. I had a nasty surprise when I found out that the Dollar costs over 1.40 Euro. I was still at $1.30. This hurts even more. This engine just so happens to fit my existing engine foundation and hookup nearly precisely. Usually there have to several changes made to the line up from the center of the transmission to the drive shaft and also the placement of the four mounting pads. All I need to do is move the pads fore/aft. They are on exactly the same centers, width wise. And the shaft center is only 1/2 mm different from the Renault engine.

Today would have been our father’s 112th birthday. He passed away 54 years ago. He loved to travel and he is no doubt folowing my adventure on the heaven’s internet. Below is one of the very few photos of my dad. The picture was taken on the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmina’s, birthday in 1939. The next 5 years the Nazi occupants forbade the flying of the Dutch flag on the rotal birthdays.


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  1. Congratulations on the new engine! “The little blue engine that could”. I probably don’t have to tell you but make sure that transmission and propeller shaft are perfectly lined up even if you have a rubber flange.

  2. jackvanommen says:

    Hallo Matthias, Yes, that is a very important point. I have done this before. I was just really lucky that this engine fits nearly perfectly with the old foundation. The Beta Marine would have taken a whole lot of carpentry work. Stay tuned!

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