Sept 30 I am beat!

Written by Jack van Ommen on September 30th, 2010

The mechanic never showed in the afternoon either. No show today either. But he would not have been able to get on board anyway from the pontoon to my galloping home. The wind blew all night and I had to get up every 10 minutes to push the boat off the steel wire cable. In the gusts the cable would stretch like a violin string and rise above the deck and ride against the stanchions. So I’d have to sit there on the edge of the deck and try push the wire rope back with my feet. Fortunately the wind calmed down some around 4 a.m. and then I got a little sleep. The boat was rocking and groaning which made it hard to even take a little catnap in the early part of the night. Then after breakfast the wind got even stronger and gusty. There was really nothing that I could rig to bring the wire rope below deck level.

I  am sick and tired of this spot. This is a very bad place to be in these storms that come right off the river. I just wished I could figure out how to get the engine going again. I am at wits end. The only place to find a mechanic with a compression meter is about 100 k.m. from here. And then I always have the language problem. And by now I have little faith in the Romanian mechanics.

I did try to check the injectors once again by starting them outside of the engine. They spray a very nice mist from three holes in the injector nozzle. This also should mean that the injection pump is o.k.

Other than the fact that it is my oldest son 39th birthday, as far as I am concerned, I could have done just fine without September 30.


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