April 17th Fort Pierce, Fl.

Written by Jack van Ommen on April 17th, 2009

It was a bit breezy during the night but the anchor held just fine, and I had  a good night’s rest. We had a n impromtu conch shell blowing contest in the anchorage.  At least 5 boats participated. They all get their conches in the Bahamas. But “Fleetwood” has these fine shells from the Solomons and I just blow them away with sounds they have never heard…..

The ICW cruising guide I have aboard is a few years out of date. The two bridges that are shown as bascule briddges with a 28 foot clearance have been replaced wit fixed bridges with 66 foot clearance. I tried to time myself carefully from leaving the anchorage on making the every 30 minutes opening and then had this pleasant  surprise. So, up went the mainsail and I motor sailed the rest of the way. The wind was strong enough to use the wind vane, so, I had a chance, to leave the helm for a short dive into the cabin.

I talked to Herb at the SouthBound II net, he suggested I wait to head out of Ft. Pierce till Sunday. But the local weather forecasts tell me that I’m o.k. for early to-morrow morning. I can always turn back. So, I’m planning to head for Jacksonville and,  if the weather turns, escape into Cape Canaveral, Ponce de Leon or St. Augustine and if, by the time I get close to Jacksonville, the forecast has improved and I can continue to the Chesapeake, I will do so.

Stay tuned!


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