Wednesday June 9

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 9th, 2010

It has been raining since Sunday evening. I started revarnishing the teak deck trim but the frequent showers drive me back down to cabin chores. Yesterday Jeannine, daughter # 3, and granddaughter Gabrielle booked their flight to spend two weeks with me from July 4 till the 18th. Jeannine was born in Belgium when we were living south of Brussels between 1965 and 1970. I am looking forward to show them were Jeannine was born and my roots. This will be the first time for her since she left just 8 months after she was born. Her two older sisters have been back here to visit in the seventies and eighties. Now I am busy planning my schedule around their visit dates to try and have them meet as many as possible of their European relatives and to sail with my relatives before I depart Holland the end of July.

While the rain keeps me below decks I have started to read up on what the Danube trip has in store. I’ll be passing through 10 countries and cover over 2000 land miles, from Holland to the Black Sea. I’ll be witnessing the marks left by the many cultures and civilizations that used the Danube as their mode of transportation or were stopped by the Danube as a natural border; The Romans, Turks, Celts, Huns, etc.

This is a view of the Waterland Marina in Monnickendam   

Here are a couple more photos taken in Hoorn last weekend. I assume that the people in these houses have their tables suspended from the ceilings.


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