Friday June 4 Monnickendam

Written by Jack van Ommen on June 4th, 2010

I am getting to know my way around town. Shops, bank etc. I have done a bunch of chores, repair the bow light, hook up the stereo . The weather has been improving by the day and it is supposed to get into the seventies today and tomorrow. I am wanting to go for a sail. Perfect wind and weather. But I still have too many chores. Yesterday the folding bike saddle tube broke. All the wring to the stereo have power but the tuner does not turn on. After trying the many options on my e-mail browser settings I am still unable to send e-mails from the wire less system here in the marina. Only receive. The only way I can send e-mail is through an internet webmail account. And that is a much more complicated. I have spent hours trying to resolve the issue with Bank of America on trying to transfer dollars to my Euro account here. Now I have to run to the marina office because someone else on the dock keeps tripping the electric power off.  I should just set sail on a long ocean crossing then, at least, I can be doing something I enjoy while solving a problem.

Flip picked me up here yesterday evening and we went to Amsterdam for the Thursday race evening at “de Schinkel”.

I need to set up a schedule for the friends and family I expect to come for a sail here before I leave the end of July. I am waiting to hear from Jeannine and Gabrielle if they are coming before getting together with the Europeans.

Monnickendam wth Lange Brug


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