May 12 Back in the Schinkel

Written by Jack van Ommen on May 12th, 2010

Winter has returned. For the last 4 days the temperature has stayed between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius. In the low forties Fahrenheit. It is supposed to slowly improve. It had better when I haul out next week. A lot of unhappy “”campers”” (lit. and fig.) here in their Spring vacation. It is cold on the boat but warm and cozy in the club house.

I made a stop in Bremen on the way back from Hamburg. The main reason was to meet with Hinrich and Inge Stoll who have been longtime friends of the Wydras. Hinrich did an apprenticeship in 1954 at Heidner in Tacoma where Roman then had just started his career in the lumber exporting business. Hinrich and I have many acquaintances in common through the fact that I started my lumber career in Amsterdam with one of the 5 largest European hardwood importing companies, Fijnhout. Hinrich’s company, Feldmeyer, was another one of those. The three hours we spent together turned out to be too few and look forward to another opportunity. Hinrich’s own life story and that of his family history are fascinating. By touching the paws of the “”Stadt Muzikanten”” donkey I am guaranteed to make it back to Bremen. You must read this story at

I had my second dentist visit. My friends in Hamburg, Matthias and Regina gave me the right pain killers. I have one more dentist visit,  next Wednesday.

The below picture was taken from the fast moving train. Rape Seed fields in bloom all through Westfalia.


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  1. It’s a small world. We were getting the lumber from Feldmeyer when I was apprenticing as “Tischler” in Bremen in the seventies.

  2. jackvanommen says:

    Guten Morgen Matthias,
    Yes, I just remember now that this is your home port. Will you still cross this summer?