April 13th, 2014

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April 13 Palm Sunday.

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Today it is “Hosanna!”, followed on Friday with “Crucify Him!” and the glorious finale of this Holy Week with our “Alleluia!”.

Last night was Lisa’s 50th birthday party. You started hearing about this on this blog already a year ago. I had planned to fly from South America for the occasion. Lisa had organized this with the help of her younger sister Rose Marie and many of her friends. She rented a hall in Tacoma Old town overlooking the Puget Sound. It was a beautiful summer-like evening. The moon was nearly full. We played a bingo game and Lisa had set up 10 pictures of items we had to guess the prices for in 1964. Like first class postage 5 cents and interesting enough the price of a loaf of bread and a gallon of gasoline stayed just about the same. Then 38,5 cents now $3.50. I ran a 100 slides, of Lisa growing up, on an antique slide projector I borrowed from a friend. My oldest son John (1971) and his fiancee Jennifer (I don’t ask) flew up from San Diego, Seth (1980) drove up from Portland. Lisa’s youngest sister could not make it from Virginia. But she will complete the picture to be taken of the whole clan on John and Jennifer’s wedding in Yucaipa, Calif. on May 3rd.

Thursday was the 80th birthday of my long time friend Roger Rue. And I was able to be there and add to his collection of rail road memorabilia with a Dutch NS ¬†conductor’s hat. His sailboats had names like “Union Depot”, “Grand Central”, etc.

I may have some exciting news to share with you ¬†in the next week or so about a possible replacement of “Fleetwood”, here on this coast, after all. But I need to do a little more research on the consequences. As you might have read I was expected to look on the Atlantic side because I’d like to pick up again on my plans to spend more time in the Southern Caribbean and tour the West Coast of South America. But this opportunity appears too good to pass up. Stay tuned….

Lisa and Rose Marie

Lisa and Rose Marie


John and Seth

John and Seth