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Friday March 21. Dutch Spring

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Good Bye Winter. Hello Spring. And it started with Good Om(m)en like the Arab Spring. Yesterday, on the first day of Spring, we had an extraordinary sunny warm day. You can almost watch the Magnolia blossoms pop open and the bare tree branches put on a fresh coat of green. My cousin Gido van Ommen and I pushed his step mom Els  in her wheelchair to see the daffodils in the park and then she treated us to Kroketten from the Kosher deli. Els is the last of our parents’ generation. My uncle robbed her from the cradle and left us to push her around in a wheelchair….

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April issue

Then I received the 5 page article in “ZEILEN” the Dutch monthly sailing magazine. Which is sent out to today to the subscribers and will soon be on the newsstands. In it I tell the story about my shipwreck, with my “Mea Culpas” and the details on how and why it happened. Al mijn Nederlandse vrienden, moet je lezen. It is, if I may say so, my best writing effort and it is well presented by the magazine. I have in previous blogs given most of the details but this is a broader reflection on what went on in the accident and in me. I plan to cover it in a similar fashion in “Soloman”. You know by now that I cannot keep my mouth shut about my love affair with my Maker. And I am grateful that the editors allow me to incorporate this.

For a digital copy for € 5,99 of the magazine go to:

Also to day appears a full page article in the regional weekly magazine “Zuid Friesland” . Sorry, again in Dutch but take a look anyway  it is mostly about my book “De Mastmakersdochters” which plays for a part in South Friesland where our mother grew up. Here is the link. ZFH-20140319-01005001Van Ommen

I have not made much progress with “Soloman” with all the other activities. But I am pleased to see that you can teach even an old goat (or a salty dawg) new tricks. My Dutch has much improved when I compare  it to earlier articles I wrote.