December 7th, 2013 browsing by day


Saturday Morning Post. An absolutely gorgeous day in the Baleares.

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

I am sitting in a café with wireless after a 4 mile bike ride uphill from San Vicente to San Carlos. I picked my Boletos/Porcini/Sèpe meal along the road. This is the third gorgeous day in a row. Cool in the shade and cold at night. But the apartment stays warm for the night from the day’s sun.

II am having coffee later at Anita’s Bar with Charlotte. We are going to fight over whether she picked me up or I picked her up at the photo shop last Wednesday. I was really impressed with the designs she was getting copied in the shop, see for her work at:

She is Welsh and has lived here most of her life. I am making progress on the lay out of my current writing project. There was a mist hanging over the sea this morning, at sun rise.