February 27th, 2013

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Tuesday February 26. A sixty year mini-High School Reunion

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Around Christmas time, the name of my Hight School, The CUS on the Borsenburgerplein happened to come up in the conversation with my marina neighbor. A week later he dragged one of his condo neighbors in for the club new years social. Hannelore Herzog just happened to have been one of my class mates and graduated the same year in 1954. And then things got even stranger, all of a sudden Hannelore walks up to one of the club members and ask her if she happens to be Willy Sluiter, who was also in our class. No, but it was her younger sister….

Today she came and picked me up from the marina and we drove to another old class mate, who I had seen in the last 4 years, Willy Kerkhoven. She lives just a half hour ride north of Amsterdam. Willy knows several more of our old school friends and we are planning to get a larger group of them together before I leave Holland. She is the same friend who I wrote about in my blog on Janyary 11th, who had managed to deliver one of the books to my friend Sjoerd Koppert in Carpinteria, California where she went to visit her daughter for her 50th birthday celebration.

The barometer is unusual high at 1033 milibars. It’s still just above freezing but we are promised for the mercury to rise. At least a respite from the rain and snow.

Do not forget that it is my twin’s 76th birthday on Thursday!!