February 1st, 2013

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Friday February 1st. Just in case you worried…

Friday, February 1st, 2013

that I might get bored being closed in on a remote farm house with a cat and ten hens and two roosters.

Here is an idea of my available library. I roughly estimate that my cousin has 2500 to 3000 books here, spread over the farm. Some appear to be complete collections of several well know authors.

Besides the neighbors across the street invited me for dinner on Tuesday, very pleasant evening and Ineke is an excellent cook and Han an entertaining host. I drove to Amsterdam on Wednesday for choir practice. Pulled dollars from the wall and deposited the Euroes into my Dutch account. I shivered at the rate. With the fees the Euro cost me $1.47 Which made the haircut cost me $35…… That is the highest I can remember since I arrived in 2009. What this means is that I need the money. Buy more of my books and spread the word! Or else…