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Sunday November 18. Saint Augustine

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

November 13 is the birthday of St. Augustine, he passed away on August 28, in the year 430. The feastdays of the saints are usually celebrated on the day of their death. But on August 28 the parishioners of the church of St.Augustine here are still on the beach. Saint Nicholas was smarter he died on December 6th. But I wonder if Saint Augustine’s parents knew he was going to die in August when they named him.  History tells us that Augustine believed in worshipping the Lord in song. There were 5 choirs around the altar. But this time father Bakker did not just preach to the choir, the church was nearly half full. I say it again the liturgical support quality of the churches here are the envy of American pastors, but not the poor attendance and collections. The Teenage choir, with the children’s choir sang the popular American song “From a Distance”. The three adult choirs sang parts of the liturgy from Mozart’s Missa Brevis K-49. I felt again very privileged and blessed.

It has been dark and cold but today is bright, sunny and cold. Yesterday was workday for members of the yacht club. Its called “werkpret” (work fun) and the club makes it very enjoyable. Thomas and Ingrid looked after the lunch with bratwurst and potato salad, for which he had brought the ingredients back from a trip home to Germany. I helped rake leaves and cleaned out roof gutters. We gathered around the bar afterwards. We men were dead tired but the women were dancing around the billiard table. I like this club.