September 7th, 2012 browsing by day


Friday Sept 7 in Dun sur la Meuse

Friday, September 7th, 2012

I am at k.m. 162 from the Belgian border and after that 50 k’s to go to Namur, to escape the 3 week Meuse closure.

I plan to be in Namur by the evening of the 14th. That means that I need average 30 k’s per day. And that should not be a problem, barring hick ups. Today I did 4o k’s at a very slow speed going through the manually operated locks with the super slow tug boat. The lady on the tug brought me a piece of home baked apple pie, in one of the locks.  It was cold this morning. the radio reported that the mercury was 2 degrees above Celcius in Charlesville, just north of here. There was thick fog on the water this early morning and I expect that that could slow me down from here on, in the mornings. I peeled out of my heavy foul weather coat and ski hat by 10 a.m. and I ate dinner in shorts and t-shirt, bare feet. It got up into the seventies Fahrenheit. This spot and the evening have to be one of the most memorable of this years cruise. Also the landscape just had me snapping pictures left and right. The fresh plowed fields, the wild Meuse rDun sur Meuse is breathtaking. The 14th century church Our Lady of Dun Haut sits high above the Meuse and I had a wonderful vista of the Meuse valley. It was a delightful hike. I was able to take a hot shower in the facility of the camping area adjoins the moorage.

It is Saturday morning and the fog is thick. Pictures in next town. Internet very weak here.