February 19th, 2012

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Sunday, Feb 19. Mass in the Morning. State Prison in the afternoon.

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

On my last December 11th post I showed a picture of 11 new candidates for membership into the church in my parish in Gig Harbor. Today four candidates were presented to the St.Therese de Lisieux parish here in Portsmouth, Va. It warms my heart. I made that step myself in 1958. The Church is well and alive in this country. But fast forward to the afternoon when I went to visit my grandson, David, in the Saint Bride state prison. Nothing saintly about this institution and crime and the prison system is a national disgrace. David did something very dumb and is serving a three year sentence. I love him very much. Last year when I visited him we were separated with a glass window and we talked to each other on a telephone in the municipal correction center. I got to hug him today. We were in a large room where the inmates can receive family and friends once a week. It all looked innocent and secure to me. I was with his mother (my daughter), Jeannine, son in law Sean and granddaughter  Gabrielle. We could only take an I.D. card and quarters for the vending machines into the prison. Watch, wallet. etc., had to be left in the car. We were thoroughly searched.  But then I heard the story from David how a hit of  heroin on the street migth sell for $ 10 but can be sold in the prison for $ 100. It is passed in this room from visitor to inmate from body cavities via their mouth into the  stomach or intestines, undetected in their searches out of the visiting room then gagged or defecated. Gangs, rape, fights are a common occurrence. 

My plans: I have booked my flight to Amsterdam. I fly out of Boston on March 13 and arrive, via Heathrow, at Schiphol at 14.00 h on March 14th. I will be staying with my cousin and niece in Heemstede and fly to Athens on April 11.

Ik hou me aanbevolen voor logeer invitaties in die periode om de pret wat te verspreiden. Ik heb voor de eerste week een autootje gehuurd.

I am focussing on having my “De Mastmakers Dochters” and “The Mastmakers Daughters” in a format for publication before April 11th.  The proofing copies are in a few hands in the U.S.A. and Holland. I could use additional assistance, particularly for the English version. I need help from friends, or someone you could recommend, who have experience in editing for style, grammar and structure. My strength is in reporting but not in style and grammar. It is an incredible story.