October 7th, 2011

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Friday October 7. I wished I could afford this place.

Friday, October 7th, 2011

But that might mean that I’d have to go back to work here. Brush up on my dormant pimping skills? Yesterday I rode out to the Marmaris yacht Marina and stopped at the Albatros Marina but the storage rates here are way beyond my Social Security check. I plan to head back to plan “A”, and store on the island of Khios. But with the economies I practiced in the last two months I’ll be able to splurge here for two weeks and enjoy this truly Turkish Delight. I’ll have my crown taken care off and the totally trashed dodger replaced. I just got a quote 410 euroes. A lot of money but far cheaper than the cost in the U.S. or elsewhere in Europe and they do have all the skills and materials here for it. The dodger took a heavy hit when I was knocked down in the Madagascar Strait and the zippers, thread and material are totally disintegrated.

It was birthday party night, yesterday for my French dock neighbor, Willy. Nadine, his wife, had invited me and another Frenchman, Philippe, on “Pollux”, for aperetives and then it turned out to be Willy’s birthday and afterwards she had made reservations for dinner. They took a taxi at 1.30 a.m. this morning to fly to Lyon for Willy’s son’s 40th birthday, who was born a week after John, my oldest son. They will be back again on Sunday. Willy and Nadine are from Anger, near Nantes. Philippe is a really young and good looking Octogenarian from the Mediterranean French coast. And as you can see from the photos Nadine (since I am on the compliments)  has to be the envy of all the women here. My Californian friend Brenda has her birthday today, she is in good company.

Yesterday, I met a cruising couple from Fort Lauderdale, Ron and his French wife Dominique, and just to emphasize again how small this world is, Ron taught skiing in Sun Valley for about 20 years and knows Mattie my ex-wife, who also teaches skiing in Sun Valley. Ron grew up in the Seattle area.

According to the Turks we have brother state to Delaware. It is called Daleware. See the below picture. In most countries I have visited we Americans are in the minority. But not in Tuirkey. About 75% of the power boats and a smaller portion of the sail boats is registered in the U.S.A.  But they are easily identified for flying a flag of convenience. It is usually a puny little flag that comes with the registration. Most of them are showing Wilmington as their home port but many just show the state only and of those about 25% have the e and a reversed….